Formed in 1988, Voluntary Action Network India (VANI) is the membership - based network of Indian Voluntary Development Organizations. The primary role of VANI is to strengthen the external and internal enabling environment, through evidence - based policy research and capacity enhancement. VANI strives to enhance its outreach through membership as well as promoting state networks of similar nature. Due to complexity of incorporating laws, various types of non-profit entities exist in India, whereas VANI only provides membership to Voluntary Development Organizations, as defined in its by-laws.

Membership of VANI:

VANI will have two types of membership:

  1. Organizational Members – Social Development Organizations including: Voluntary Organizations, their Networks, and Federations
  2. Individual Members

Admission and Qualification for Membership

Organisations or Individuals who believe in voluntarism, who believe in and are engaged in practicing the Objectives, Principles and Values of VANI, as defined in VANI’s “Statement of purpose”, and who accept to work for achieving the objectives of VANI can be Members of VANI after being admitted as such.

The Governing Board of VANI will admit Members according to working rules established from time to time.


The Members shall contribute a certain amount of membership fee to VANI either (a) on an annual basis or (b) on a long-term basis (three years), as decided by the Governing Board from time to time.

Cessation of Membership

  1. Termination of Membership

The membership of any Member may be terminated if the Working Committee is of the opinion that the Member has been guilty of deliberate violation of the objectives of VANI, and/or is not taking sustained interest in VANI affairs.

The membership of any member may be terminated if the membership fee is due for more than two years.

The membership of any Member may thus be terminated by two-thirds of the members present at any meeting of the Governing Board provided notice of such intention has been included in the agenda of the meeting, and sufficient notice and opportunity has been given to the concerned Members to clarify the concern over membership.

  1. Resignation

After payment of all outstanding dues, a Member may resign by giving notice in writing of such resignation and it shall be placed before the Governing Board for its final decision.

Rights and Privileges of Members

- To work actively to fulfill the objects of VANI and to make its programmes effective.
- To attend all the General Body meetings of VANI.
- To receive minutes of the General Body meetings.
- To contest the elections for the Working Committee.
- To encourage new social development organizations and individuals to apply for VANI membership.

Benefits provided to members:

  1. VANI follows the principal of one member, one vote, hence, every member has the opportunity to participate and vote for becoming governing board member, as per vacancies specified by the board every year.
  2. Members are given priority in participating educational events and studies undertaken by VANI.
  3. Members are also given priority to host event or study at their location.
  4. VANI members can use VANI’s name and logo in any of their communication to indicate their membership and share   information about VANI’s strategic priorities and activities.
  5. Members are provided with following services:
     i) Magazines, newsletters, information packs when released by VANI. (Printed or electronic)
     ii) Subsidized entry to paid VANI events
    iii) Membership data bank
    iv) Highlighting members’ stories and achievements through VANI communication systems
      v) Subsidized rates to products, events and services of third party, as negotiated by VANI

Roles and responsibilities of Members:

  1. VANI members will always conduct themselves in an ethical, responsible and respectable manner in all circumstances, and not engage in or write offensive action/material on behalf of the network, as in alignment with VANI’s vision, principles and values.
  2. Submit its annual report and Audit report to VANI secretariat so that data base of good organization could be further strengthen.
  3. Sign and follow VANI’s Code of Conduct in its true spirit.
  4. VANI members do not represent VANI. Members will not act as official representatives, nor speak of and/ or in the name of VANI network, unless otherwise stipulated in writing by the board or secretariat.
  5. Pay annual fees on time.

The fee structure for Voting Members:

Indian VDOs

Turn-Over Last Financial Year

Fee (INR)

Category 2 0 – 50 Lakh 1,500
Category 2 50 Lakh – 1 Cr. 3,000
Category 3 1 – 05 Cr. 5,000
Category 4 05-20 Cr. 7,000
Category 4 Over 20 Cr. 10,000
Associations, Networks - 5,000
Individuals - 3,000

The fee structure for Non-Voting Members:

Indian VDOs

Fee (INR)

Unregistered Entities/ Social Movements/Thematic Groups/ Coalitions 2,000
Liaison Office/CSR Units/ INGOs/ Multilateral Organisations/Academic, Research and Policy Analysis Institutions 10,000