1.Strengthening External Enabling Environment of Voluntary Development Organization:

  • Harmonizing Regulatory Framework:

    To bring in the desired coherence amongst the different laws affecting the sector and enhanced compliance, VANI, as a Sub-Group Member, has been constantly holding debates for the need for synchronization of Law for 'Ease of doing development work' especially with Government of India's Think Tank i.e. Niti Aayog.

  • Promoting inter-sectoral linkages:

    VANI promotes participation and collaboration between multiple stakeholders including Government, Corporate and VDOs.

  • Promoting Global Development:

    Premised on an effective and inclusive South-South Cooperation principles, VANI has contextualized Civil Society inclusion in India's Development Cooperation, based on its seminal research-'India's Global Footprints.

2.Bolstering Voluntary Sector from within

  • Promoting accountability and Transparency:

    Recently VANI revised its 'Code of Conduct’ that is based on indicators and accepted as first effort towards self-certification.

  • Promoting compliance:

    We live in challenging times when laws are becoming complicated and single act of non-compliance can attract heavy penal action. VANI will develop tools complemented with on-ground training to handhold organizations to be on the right side of law.

  • Promoting resilience:

    Most of the organizations are facing resource crunch due to frequent change in fiscal and regulatory policies. On one hand many large organizations have tuned their financial and management systems but numerous smaller organizations are facing the threat to their existence. VANI will create peer-learning opportunities by creating knowledge sharing platforms (webinars, face to face interactions) between large organizations and experts to build the capacities ofsmall and grass root level organizations and prevent the latter from trading-off their mission and objective for existence.

  • Collectivization:

    VANI shall take forward collectivisation of sector through regular meetings of the different specialised forums like CEO, CFO and Women Leaders.
  • It strengthens its pre-existing state level independent networks in Uttar Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Maharashtra, Jharkhand and North-East and encourage setting up of new state level networks in Andhra Pradesh, Kerala and Madhya Pradesh.

  • Dissemination and demystification of Information:

    VANI strives to become the information resource center for the voluntary development sector. VANI uses digital and online methods to collect and disseminate information.

3.Advancing Voluntary Sector through Public Engagement

  • Collective Communication Campaign:

    Through the Collective Communication Campaign (CCC) Forum, members are encouraged to prepare strong case studies (in the form of videos, print, blogs) which are collated into a repository set up by VANI.

  • Positioning Narrative of the sector:

    It has been observed that the narrative of Voluntary Development sector amongst its stakeholders is influenced by the negative image portrayed by media. Stories of Struggle/Success do not reach the stakeholders either due to documentation amiss and/or its availability in a non-comprehensible language. A systematic campaign with legislatures, government, media and general public is undertaken by the CCC Forum to make them aware about the sector.

  • Web-based information hub, Social Media and Traditional Media:

    VANI will create a comprehensive knowledge pool to be made available to VOs and external agencies to facilitate quick and effective flow of information.