Membership Criteria

Objective: To build and sustain a plural, responsible and credible membership base covering the whole country. Organisations, network federations and individuals that meet the following criteria are provided the membership of VANI

  • Voluntary development organisations including women's and youth's organisations (excluding religious and political organisations, corporations [local and foreign], government agencies, funding agencies, family trusts and international organisations);
  • Organisations that regularly publish/print annual and audit reports;
  • Legally registered and democratically functioning organisations working for the promotion of development;
  • Individuals with a track record in voluntary action and currently not working with any voluntary organisations (maximum 15% of the total existing membership base).
Types of Member
  • Voluntary development organisations - defined as an organisation with an institutional base, a legal entity and operational costs, acting either singly or with field implementation agencies.
  • Networks - that promote voluntary action and/or aim for the development of the people. (Both voluntary development organisations and networks are considered institutional members)
  • Individuals with a track record in voluntary action but are not attached to any voluntary organisation at the time of enrolment.
  • Associates they believe in voluntarism and engaged in practicing the objective, principles and values of VANI

Membership Fees

 S. No.  Categories  Membership fees (Annualy)
1.  Associates  Rs. 500.00
2.  Individual Member  Rs. 1000.00
3.  Organizational Members (Category I)  Rs. 1500.00
4.  Organizational Members (Category II)  Rs. 2500.00

* Defined as an organisation with an institutional base, a legal entity and operational costs, acting either singly or with field implementation agencies.


1. Initial

For individual and institutional members:

  • A letter of recommendation from each of two existing members of VANI
  • For network organisations: a letter stating the objective/s of the network and the name and address of its members
2. Final

For voluntary development organisations and network organisations:

  • Application Form (includes the Guiding Principles document)
  • Society Registration Certificate
  • Current Annual Report
  • Audited Statement of Accounts
  • Application Fee
For individual members:
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Application form
  • Application fee

This applies to all types of memberships (Network, Organisational, Individual).

Step 1
  • The organisation/individual should obtain a letter of recommendation from any two existing members of VANI. The letters should be printed using the organisation’s letterhead. An application form along with the Guiding Principles document will be sent to them after receipt of the recommendation letters.
Step 2
  • Data required from applicant network federations and organisations as per the VANI’s Guiding Principles document needs to be supplied. Membership form has to be filled out and the following documents produced: annual report, audited statements, society registration certificate and organisation’s constitution.
  • Individual members need to submit their curriculum vitae, application form and prescribed application fee.
  • All the above mentioned documents are to be sent to the VANI Secretariat including a demand draft as applicable payable to VANI.
  • Incomplete applications will not be processed.
Step 3
  • Upon submission of all requirements, the maximum time taken by VANI to decide on the membership of any organisation/individual will be 15 days.
  • Deliberations and approval by the Membership Subscription and Benefits Sub Committee by a three member committee which decides whether the applicant is fulfilling the membership criteria or not and take appropriate decision.
Step 4
  • Individual and institutional applicants will be informed of the status of their application in writing. If an applicant does not receive any response within 3 months from the Secretariat, they are requested to inform VANI immediately.
Download Membership Form

Before filling up a particular application from to enter into a formal engagement with VANI, click here to see the types of engagements that you can have with VANI along with the requirements.

Download Vani Mebership Application Form

Download Guiding Principles

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