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The Organization

VANI has a three-tier structure:
  • General Body - is the supreme body comprised of all members of VANI (networks/federations, organisations and individuals).
  • Governing Body - makes decisions on behalf of the members and is composed of 16 elected members from the General Body, which also elects two office bearers, the Chairperson and Treasurer. The Working Committee has four subcommittees namely: Programme, Networking, Membership, Finance and Management Committees.
  • Secretariat - is headed by a Chief Executive Officer appointed by the Working Committee, and is an ex-officio member of the Working Committee. The Secretariat has programme units, each led by programme officers/managers with their respective professional and support staff. The CEO liaises between the Secretariat and the Working Committee for planning, implementation and monitoring of the organisation's activities.

Governing Body

 S. No.  Name  Governing Board of VANI
1.  Mr. Mathew Cherian, Chairperson  Chief Executive, Helpage India, New,Delhi
2.  Mr. Ashok Singh , Treasurer  Director, Sahbhagi Shikshan Kendra, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh
3.  Mr. Harsh Jaitli, Chief Executive Officer  Voluntary Action Network India (VANI), New Delhi

List of Governing Board of VANI

4.  Mr. Mathew Cherianr  Chief Executive, HelpAge India, Delhi
5.  Mr. Ashok Singh  Director, Sahbhagi Shikshan Kendra, Lucknow
6.  Mr. Amitabh Behar  Executive Director, National Foundation for India (NFI), New Delhi
7.  Ms. Anuja Bansal  Secretary General, SOS Children's Villages India, Delhi
8.  Mr. DattaPatil  Executive Director, Youth for Unity and Voluntary Action (YUVA), Maharashtra
9.  Ms. Gargi Banerji*  Founder, Pragya, Haryana
10.  Mr. G. Placid*  Director, SAHAYI - Centre for Collective Learning and Action, Kerala
11.  Ms. Hemal Kamat*  Director & Secretary, Concept Society, Indore
12.  Mr. K. Panchaksharam  Secretary & CEO, SIPA – Federation of South India Producer Associations, Tamil Nadu
13.  Mr. Mahendra Singh Kumwar  Secretary, Himalayan Action Research Centre (HARC), Dehradun
14.  Mr. Manoj Kumar Verma  Director, Integrated Development Foundation, Patna
15.  Ms. Meenakshi Batra  Chief Executive, Charities Aid Foundation, Delhi
16.  Mr. Murlidhar Chandram  President, Srijan Kendra, Chhattisgarh
17.  Ms. Priyanka Singh  Chief Executive, Seva Mandir, Rajasthan
18.  Ms. Puja Marwaha  Chief Executive, CRY - Child Rights and You, Kolkata
19.  Mr. Raju Kumar Narzary**  Executive Director, North East Research & Social Work Networking (NERSWN), Assam
20.  Mr. Saradindu Banerjee*  Member of the Governing Body Sabuj Sangha, Kolkata


 Name  Designation  E-mail :
 Mr. Harsh Jaitli  Chief Executive Officer  harsh@vaniindia.org
 Dr. (Mrs), Jyotsna M. Singh  Programme manager  jyotsna@vaniindia.org
 Ms. Rumman Hameed  Programme Manager  rumman.hameed@vaniindia.org
 Mr. Arjun Phillips  Communications Executive  arjun@vaniindia.org
 Mohd. Ali Faraz  Programme Officer  faraz@vaniindia.org
 Ms. Siddhi Soni  Programme Officer  siddhi.soni@vaniindia.org
 Ms. Sandhya Chaturvedi  Accounts Manager  sandhya@vaniindia.org
 Ms. Kavita Rakheja  Secretary to CEO/HR In-charge  kavita@vaniindia.org
 Mr. Raj Kumar Sharma  Admin Assistant/Graphic Designer  rajkumar@vaniindia.org
 Mr. Syed Abdul Rafey  Receptionist cum Secretarial Support  rafey@vaniindia.org
 Mr. Ravi R. Rawat  Account Assistant  ravi@vanindia.org
 Mr. Ram Lal Mehra  Support Staff  ramlal@vaniindia.org
 Mr. Kuldeep Chaudhary  Support Staff  --
 Mr. Dhiraj Kumar Tiwari  Support Staff  --