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Note from Paresh Tewary, Chief Executive Officer, VANI

Civil Society at large and members of VANI have always believed that Governments need to have interaction with people and be directed by consultative thought processes. For, governments wanting to do the right things get hampered in doing them without the active support of people. Civil society always wants to engage the governments so that governments have clear standards of governance with respect to what is non-negotiable and how these standards are implemented in case of violations. It wants to see that instead of resources only flowing in for use of force, energies and resources address the conditions that lead to the situations requiring use of force. Read More...



VANI’s Annual National Convention 2008: Peace Building, Conflict Resolution and Role of CSOs; 26-27 September, 2008; Shillong, Meghalaya

VANI’s National Convention was inaugurated by the Chief Guest, His Excellency, Ranjit Shekhar Mooshahary, Governor of Meghalaya. The focus of the discussions during the convention was on improving understanding of conflicts and building capacities for peace-building and conflict resolution through advocacy and partnerships. There was a special focus on and participation from all the states in the north-eastern region. The convention was attended by around 300 participants.

This convention sought to provide a platform for community members, peace practitioners, academicians, and policy makers to share knowledge, experiences and ideas on peace building and conflict resolution. It also tried to bring about a deeper understanding of conflict at the local, regional, and national level and to explore critical factors and pre-requisites for the effectiveness of civil society interventions.

Annual General Body Meeting (AGBM); 26th September, 2008; Shillong, Meghalaya

VANI’s Annual General Body Meeting chaired by Dr. Jacob Thundyil was attended by its members and board members. The issues that had been put forth for discussion were: Approval of Minutes of the Last General Body Meeting; Approval of the Annual Report; Approval of the Audited Statement of Accounts; Report of Nomination of Working Committee Members; Presentation on VANI Strategic Plan & Review by the Consultants.

Workshop on Good Governance in Civil Society Organisations; 24 - 25 September, 2008; Shillong, Meghalaya

VANI organised a Regional Workshop in Good Governance in Civil Society Organisations, in association with Irish Aid. The objective of the workshop was to orient, sensitise and motivate members of Civil Society Organisations to follow prescribed norms and good practices of Governance and Management. The workshop was attended by around 100 participants from the North-East Region of India.

The workshop sought to promote issues of Good Governance among its members /non members. The content of the workshop focussed on Ethics in CSO Governance; The Board and Governing Body ; Accounts and Accounting Procedures ; Adherence to Legislations / Statutory Compliance; Programme Accountability; Gender Mainstreaming; Role of media in promoting Good Governance.

International Peer Learning Event: Building Civil Society Together: Tools, Strategies, and Resources: For Associations of Civil Society Organizations; Washington DC, USA; 3-5 September, 2008

VANI participated in ‘The International Peer Learning’ event that brought together policy experts, practitioners and CSO managers from eight countries around the world (India, Israel, Philippines, England, Cambodia, Australia, China and Zimbabwe) to discuss issues and challenges regarding CSO effectiveness. The main issues discussed during the event were: Strategies for collaboration within the Nonprofit Community; managing relationships and collaborating with Government, business, and multilateral Bodies; Collaborating to develop standards of accountability.

Seminar on Good Governance and Networking for Social Development: The Indian and Philippine Experience; Quezon City, Philippines; 20 & 21 August, 2008

VANI, with CODE NGO, Philippines organised a workshop in Quezon City, Philippines; on 20th and 21st August, 2008. The objectives of the workshop were:

  • To gain mutual understanding of the NGO sector situations in both countries, India and the Philippines, particularly on issues related to networking and good governance.
  • To explore/identify common areas of interest concerning good governance and accountability on which both countries can continue to share and exchange information, experiences and lessons or work together on common projects.
  • To develop an understanding of the basis to work jointly to voice the local developmental mandates in the global arena. Workshop Agenda.

The UN Global Counterterrorism Strategy: Raising Awareness And Exploring The Role For Civil Society In Contributing To Its Implementation; 21-22 July, 2008

VANI participated in the meeting at UN Plaza New York, exploring the role that Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) can play in implementing the UN Strategy. Convened by Center on Global Counter Terrorism Cooperation and sponsored by Governments of Sweden and Germany the workshop had representatives from around the world and different parts of the UN system. All contributed their rich experience and inputs.This meeting was convened under the Chatham House Rules. Perspective of Paresh Tewary (CEO, VANI). Read More…

State Consultation on National Policy on Voluntary Sector, Guwahati, Assam; 2-3 July, 2008

VANI organized a state level consultation on National Policy on the Voluntary Sector on 2nd & 3rd July 2008 at Guwahati in association with CASA, Assam. Ms. Bondita Acharya of Indo Global Social Service Society gave the welcome address. There were 30 NGOs representatives from different locations of the state who attended this meeting & dwelt upon their views. Read More...

CIVICUS World Assembly, Glasgow, Scotland; 17-19 June, 2008

At the CIVICUS World Assembly, participants from National Associations around the world got together to discuss and analyse modes and mechanisms of engagement with all tiers of Government. The assembly was an attempt to scope the various forms of relations between governments and national associations and to identify internal capacity needs as well as suggesting guidelines and recommendations aimed at improving the terms of engagement between national associations and governments. VANI represented India in this assembly.


  1. Workshop on National Policy on the Voluntary Sector in Punjab- November
  2. Pre-Budget meeting- November
  3. Workshop on Accountability in association with One World Trust- November
  4. Regional Workshop on Good Governance in association with Irish Aid- Orissa- December
  5. Workshop on National Policy in the Voluntary Sector in Tamil Nadu- December

(Tentative and subject to change)

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