Utilization of CSR

Corporate Social Responsibility has emerged as a more professional and contemporary domain of philanthropy where businesses can invest in serving society through voluntary organizations acting as conduits. VANI has held several consultations and invested in studies acknowledging the potential CSR can deliver. During the last 15 years, the trends of voluntary sector working in cooperation with business have developed significantly. The realization of directing funds for development activities finds resonance in the CSR, however not many business are attuned with the skill needed to engage in social work. Fitting in this bracket, voluntary organizations can collaborate with the private sector and develop innovative mechanisms for service delivery. A consistent promotion undertaken by VANI has been to show the positive sides of CSR partnership to both parties- voluntary sector and the private sector. It has also carried out research studies focusing on the VOs and Private sector partnership and CSR’s contribution on specific thematic issues affecting the society. Based on these studies, VANI has organized various interface meetings and consultations with private sector and VOs on how they can closely work together and move beyond financial partnership having shared and constructive partnership between both the sectors.