Campaigns and Educational Events

As a collective functionary our approach has focused on striving to make the environment for voluntary organizations constraint free from draconian laws and regressive measures as far as possible. To ensure this, VANI’s campaigns have been successful especially in our negotiations with the government in the drafting of the National Policy on Volunteering. We have been included in numerous committees and held consultative positions with the Ministries of Corporate Affairs, Home, External Affairs- DPA etc and the Planning commission of India. The intent of these campaigns and negotiations is to act as advocates on behalf of the numerous voluntary organizations who face legal and governmental impediments.

VANI's Contribution to the Approach Paper Prepared by Civil Society on the 12 th Five Year Plan

VANI, being an apex body of voluntary organisations in India, participated in the process of preparing the approach paper for the 12 th Five Year Plan. VANI's main contribution to the approach paper was that of the level of engagement between NGOs and the government. VANI has raised the issue of voluntary organisations being treated as sub-contractors for implementing government projects and flagship programmes. The work done by a voluntary organisation is always assessed in numbers by the government department, but the actual work done is much beyond numbers. In the approach paper, VANI demanded that if the government wants voluntary organisations to play a positive role in implementing MDGs, then the role has to be more inclusive in the planning, implementing and monitoring of development projects.

VANI has been involved in setting national and state level meetings for voluntary organizations. As a repository for thematic research on the voluntary sector, VANI conducts workshops for voluntary organizations and the government pertaining to the education of different legalities and provisions of laws operating the functioning of the voluntary sector. Our educational workshops are based on FCRA, Companies Act and CSR.